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Parable of a Drug Addict

by Janet Trull
illustrated by TBD TBD
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Tree Talk

by Ariel Gordon
illustrated by Natalie Baird
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Dread Poetry and Freedom

Dread Poetry and Freedom

Linton Kwesi Johnson and the Unfinished Revolution
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Chinatown Ghosts

Chinatown Ghosts

The Poems and Photographs of Jim Wong-Chu
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A Generous Latitude

Montreal Poem; or, Our Hearts Are Not Like Wheels; or, Les Habitants


If I were to write

a Montreal poem,

or a poem about Montreal,


I would not mention the mountain, or

Saint-Viateur, or

fire escape couture, the Jew belle-lettrists,


the week we each ran into Leonard Cohen,

buying plums at the depanneur,

or reclining on a bench

in Parc du Portugal.

Grey suits for everyone.


I would not ask

you to remember Jeanne-Mance

or Maisonneuve, the parties


the parties,

the Labatt 50 and tequila, late night promenades

in empty rooms with August windows. Please, no slow dancing

in the street.


No sliding down lamp-

posts. No more McGarrigles. No,

our hearts are not like wheels,

are they?


I would not say this now, dear.

I would not start this poem again.

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