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Four Seasons of Nova Scotia

by (author) Len Wagg

TautukKonik | Looking Back

Piusigilauttavut Labradoriup Taggâni, 1969–1986 | A Portrait of Inuit Life in Northern Labrador, 1969–1986

by (author) Candace Cochrane, Andrea Procter & Nunatsiavut Creative Group

Abandoned Alberta II

by (author) Joe Chowaniec

Israel: not Black & White

by (author) George Fischer

A Little of Everything

General Stores of Nova Scotia- Remembering the Old Days, Old Ways

by (author) Mike Parker

Gibbous Moon

by (author) dennis cooley & Michael Matthews


A History in Pictures

by (author) Belinda Crowson, Bobbie Fox, Lorien Johansen & Geroge Kuhl

Grain Elevators

Beacons on the Prairies

photographs by Chris Attrell
text by Christine Hanlon

Chasing Newfoundland

by (author) Ray Mackey

Lost Kootenays

by (author) Greg Nesteroff & Eric Brighton


by (author) Mark Vitaris

The Little Gift Book of Canada

Revised Edition

by (author) Claire Leila Philipson

Forgotten Saskatchewan

by (author) Chris Attrell

Labyrinth of Green

by (photographer) Diana Hayes

In the Face of It

Photographs from Leamington, Uganda, Windsor, and Zimbabwe

by (author) Douglas MacLellan

Call of the Blue

by (author) Philip Hamilton

Shooting War

18 Profiles of Conflict Photographers

by (author) Anthony Feinstein


Portraits of a Vanishing Canada

by (author) Karl Kessler & Sunshine Chen

Simple Beauty

The Art of Texture, Form & Colour

by (author) George Fischer

Christmas Nightmare

by (author) Jean-Marie Donat

Islands of Grass

by (author) Trevor Herriot
by (photographer) Branimir Gjetvaj

The Language of Family

Stories of Bonds and Belonging

edited by Michelle van der Merwe

Canada - 150 Panoramas

Above and Beyond

by (photographer) George Fischer

East Coast

Arctic to Tropic

by (author) David Freese

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