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Applied Linear Algebra, Probability and Statistics

A Volume in Honour of C. R. Rao and Arbind K. Lal

by (author) Ravindra B. Bapat
edited by Manjunatha Prasad Karantha, Stephen J. Kirkland, Samir Kumar Neogy, Sukanta Pati & Simo Puntanen

Essential Statistics for Data Science

A Concise Crash Course

by (author) Mu Zhu

Time-Inconsistent Control Theory with Finance Applications

by (author) Tomas Bj, Mariana Khapko & Agatha Murgoci

Modern Risk Quantification in Complex Projects

Non-linear Monte Carlo and System Dynamics Methodologies

by (author) Yuri Raydugin

Trigonometry: A Very Short Introduction

by (author) Glen Van Brummelen

Pythagoras' Legacy

Mathematics in Ten Great Ideas

by (author) Marcel Danesi

Collected Works in Ordered Structures and Mathematical Logic

Volume 2

by (author) Paulo Ribenboim

Knock on Wood

Luck, Chance, and the Meaning of Everything

by (author) Jeffrey S. Rosenthal

A Readable Introduction to Real Mathematics

by (author) Daniel Rosenthal, David Rosenthal & Peter Rosenthal

Flight Science

Mathematics - Techniques - Sensibility

by (author) Layla S. Mayboudi

Exploring Meinong's Jungle and Beyond

The Sylvan Jungle - Volume 1

by (author) Richard Routley, Ross Brady, Filippo Casati, Nicholas Griffin, Dominic Hyde, Chris Mortensen, Graham Priest & Zach Weber
edited by Maureen Eckert

Computations and Computing Devices in Mathematics Education Before the Advent of Electronic Calculators

by (author) Alexei Volkov
edited by Viktor Freiman

From Christoffel Words to Markoff Numbers

by (author) Christophe Reutenauer

Non-Euclidean Geometry

Fifth Edition

by (author) H.S.M. Coxeter

Recent Advances in Mathematical and Statistical Methods

IV AMMCS International Conference, Waterloo, Canada, August 20-25, 2017

by (author) D. Marc Kilgour
edited by Herb Kunze, Roman Makarov, Roderick Melnik & Xu Wang

Making Mathematical Culture

University and Print in the Circle of Lefèvre d'Étaples

by (author) Richard Oosterhoff

The Lattice of Subquasivarieties of a Locally Finite Quasivariety

by (author) Jennifer Hyndman & J.B. Nation

Crossed Products of C*-Algebras, Topological Dynamics, and Classification

by (author) Thierry Giordano, David Kerr, N. Christopher Phillips & Andrew Toms
edited by Francesc Perera

Behavior Engineering and Applications

by (author) Raymond Wong
edited by -Hung Chi & Patrick C.K. Hung

Handbook of Mathematical Geosciences

Fifty Years of IAMG

by (author) B.S. Daya Sagar
edited by Qiuming Cheng & Frits Agterberg

Handbook of Dynamic Game Theory

by (author) Tamer Bas
edited by Georges Zaccour

Recent Developments and the New Direction in Soft-Computing Foundations and Applications

Selected Papers from the 6th World Conference on Soft Computing, May 22-25, 2016, Berkeley, USA

by (author) Lotfi A. Zadeh
edited by Ronald R. Yager, Shahnaz N. Shahbazova, Marek Z. Reformat & Vladik Kreinovich

Finite Blaschke Products and Their Connections

by (author) Stephan Ramon Garcia, Javad Mashreghi & William T. Ross

Relational Topology

by (author) Gunther Schmidt & Michael Winter

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