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The Pocket Butler's Guide to Good Housekeeping

The Pocket Butler's Guide to Good Housekeeping

Expert Advice on Cleaning, Laundry and Home Maintenance
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As a young boy, when I got up to leave the breakfast table every morning, my mother would always say, “Mon petit chéri, don’t forget to make your bed.” For some reason, I really struggled with making my bed! It seemed complicated and onerous, and I thought, “Why bother when I’m just going to get back into it?” Trying to get all the bedding components on my twin bed perfectly aligned was a seemingly impossible task, and I avoided it at all costs.

But my mother strongly believed that it was important to make your bed every day, so she persevered. Eventually, she realized the way to get me to complete this simple task was to simplify the makeup of my bed to just two elements: a fitted sheet and a duvet. It became so easy! I would just flick the duvet back in place and my bed was made. My room looked tidy and, more to the point, my mother was happy.

So, what is the moral of this story? Well, it taught me that there are many different ways to perform a task. And there are many different ways to keep house. When you allow yourself to look at the options, you’ll find that housekeeping doesn’t need to be laborious or boring. You can often find a simple path to a beautiful home, and you might even begin to enjoy the tasks you dreaded before!

This is not to say that the goal in housekeeping is to get things done as quickly as possible and without thought. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. When I hear people talk about “speed-cleaning systems” and how you can clean a room in just 12 minutes, I simply don’t believe it! That kind of approach does not allow time for the necessary attention to detail. After all, the purpose of cleaning your home is to have a clean home. Cutting corners simply means you do not achieve that goal.

To me, there is nothing better than a freshly cleaned and organized home. The difference is palpable: the air is fresher, the surfaces are smooth and gleaming and the clutter has been cleared away. It is simply a more pleasant place to be. Although your approach to housekeeping will be uniquely yours, I hope that my tips and suggestions will help you find that same joy in your own home.

Charles P. MacPherson

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