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Shrubs and Vines for Atlantic Canada

Choose the best plants for your location

by (author) Todd Boland

Favourite Perennials for Atlantic Canada

How to choose, design, and plant

by (author) Todd Boland

The Northern Gardener

Perennials That Survive and Thrive

by (author) Barbara Rayment
photographs by Darwin Paton

New Perennials for Canada

by (author) Don Williamson

Perennials for Pennsylvania

by (author) Ilene Sternberg & Alison Beck

Perennials for Georgia

by (author) Tara Dillard & Don Williamson

Hole's Dictionary of Hardy Perennials

A Buyer's Guide for Professionals, Collectors and Gardeners

by (author) Jan Goodall & Stephen Raven
edited by Jim Hole

Perennials for Saskatchewan and Manitoba

by (author) Patricia Hanbidge & Laura Peters

Perennials for Alberta

by (author) Donna Dawson & Laura Peters

Perennials for Minnesota and Wisconsin

by (author) Don Engebretson & Don Williamson

Perennials for Illinois

by (author) William Aldrich & Don Williamson

Perennials for Ohio

by (author) Debra Knapke & Alison Beck


The Complete Guide To Selecting And Growing

by (author) Arend Jan Van Der Horst & Sam Benvie

Perennials for Northern California

by (author) Bob Tanem & Don Williamson
edited by Dawn Loewen

Perennials for Michigan

by (author) Nancy Szerlag & Alison Beck
edited by Shelagh Kubish

Perennials for Ontario

by (author) Alison Beck & Kathy Renwald
edited by Shelagh Kubish

Perennials for Washington and Oregon

by (author) Marianne Binetti, Alison Beck & Edwin Arnfield

Perennials for British Columbia

by (author) Alison Beck & Marianne Binetti
edited by Erin McCloskey