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Diversity, Culture and Counselling

A Canadian Perspective

edited by M. Honoré France, Maria del Carmen Rodriguez & Geoffrey G. Hett

Necessary but Not Sufficient

Improving Community Living for Youth after Residential Mental Health Programs

by (author) Gary Cameron, Karen M. Frensch, Trudy Smit Quosai, Mark Pancer & Michele Preyde


Self-Reg for a Just Society

by (author) Stuart Shanker

Mentors Among Us

Cases in the Human Services

by (author) Melissa Rothwell & Kelly Mazerolle

Healthy Minds, Healthy Schools

Strategies and Activities for Happy and Successful Learners

by (author) Tina Montreuil & Micah Tilley

Succeeding Together?

Schools, Child Welfare, and Uncertain Public Responsibility for Abused or Neglected Children

by (author) Kelly Gallagher-MacKay

Counseling Diversity in Context

by (author) Jason Brown

The Helping Relationship

Healing and Change in Community Context

edited by Augustine Meier & Martin Rovers

Entretien à la méthadone

Guide de traitement à l’intention des conseillers

edited by Garth Martin, Bruna Brands & David C. Marsh

Clinical Pastoral Supervision and the Theology of Charles Gerkin

by (author) Thomas St James O’Connor

Au-delà des étiquettes

Une trousse éducative qui favorise la compréhension des effets des préjugés sur les personnes vivant avec des problèmes concomitants de toxicomanie et de santé mentale

by (author) Centre For Addiction And Mental Health

The Joy of Conflict Resolution

Transforming Victims, Villains and Heroes in the Workplace and at Home

by (author) Gary Harper

The Bully, the Bullied and the Bystander

by (author) Barbara Coloroso

Methadone Maintenance

A Counsellor's Guide to Treatment

edited by Garth Martin, Bruna Brands & David C. Marsh

Death and the Adolescent

A Resource Handbook for Bereavement Support Groups in Schools

by (author) Grant Baxter & Wendy Stuart

Stacking the Deck

The Streaming of Working-Class Kids in Ontario Schools

by (author) Bruce Curtis, Harry Smaller & D.W. Livingstone