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Collaborative Creativity

Collaborative Creativity

Educating for Creative Development, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
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Pushing the Limits

Pushing the Limits

How Schools Can Prepare Our Children Today for the Challenges of Tomorrow
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Education for Tomorrow

A Series of Lectures Organized by the Committee Representing the Teaching Staff of the University of Toronto
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The Learning Project

“Look for mentors; it’s a very simple learning process. Look for the mentors. Channel, find purpose, and look for your destiny. Search for the moment when opportunity will knock on your door. Try to find your place in the world, and make your mark in that world either through accomplishments or through your voice. This gives things value. This is value…”
– The Phantom Street Artist, from The Learning Project

“What’s eternal is knowledge… that web that grows and keeps extending to the horizon. The horizon that we can see goes further still; it’s an infinity that you cannot even approximate. It is beyond logic, and it’s out there… We’re all Columbus. We’re all setting out. The risk of drowning is real, and the risk for success is real…”
– George Plotkin, from The Learning Project

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