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Hot to Trot

by (artist) Veronica Post

Oni Ronin

created by Mack Flavelle
by (author) Kohei Nagamine
illustrated by Tatsubi
producer Manabu Seko & Keojimal

The World of Black Hammer Omnibus Volume 2

by (author) Jeff Lemire & Ray Fawkes
illustrated by Matt Kindt & Sharlene Kindt

П’ять колосків

by (author) Лисенко
illustrated by Ґаладза
translated by Нероєвської-Велес

Naked: The Confessions of a Normal Woman

by (author) Éloïse Marseille

Ableism: Deal With It

And appreciate everyone's abilities

by (author) Kimberly Maich
illustrated by Kay Nau

Dungeons & Dragons: Nights of Endless Adventure

by (author) Jim Zub
illustrated by Max Dunbar & Eduardo Mello

Black Hammer Library Edition Volume 3

by (author) Jeff Lemire
illustrated by Caitlin Yarsky, Malachi Ward, Matthew Sheean & Rich Tommaso

Only a Slender Internal Connection

by (artist) Xiaoxiao Li

Godzilla Library Collection, Vol. 1

by (author) James Stokoe, John Layman & Chris Mowry
illustrated by Alberto Ponticelli & Dean Haspiel

Bar Delicious

by (artist) Blaise Moritz

Stone Star Volume 2: In the Spotlight

by (author) Jim Zub
illustrated by Max Dunbar


by (author) Jed MacKay
illustrated by Marvel Various & Pasqual Ferry
cover design or artwork by Alex Ross

Picturing the Game

An Illustrated Story of Hockey

by (author) Don Weekes

40 Men and 12 Rifles

Indochina 1954

by (author) Marcelino Truong
translated by David Homel

Between Gentlemen

by (artist) Rupert Bottenberg


by (author) Jillian Tamaki & Mariko Tamaki

The Bund

A Graphic History of Jewish Labour Resistance

by (author) Sharon Rudahl & Paul Buhle
illustrated by Michael Kluckner
foreword by David Rosenberg


by (author) Curt Pires
illustrated by Sundando C. & Mark Dale

It's Only Teenage Wasteland

by (author) Curt Pires
illustrated by Jacoby Salcedo & Mark Dale

Avatar: The Last Airbender--Imbalance Omnibus

by (author) Faith Erin Hicks, Bryan Konietzko & Michael Dante DiMartino
illustrated by Peter Wartman & Adele Matera

A Guest in the House

by (author) Emily Carroll

Black Hammer Omnibus Volume 2

by (author) Jeff Lemire
illustrated by Dean Ormston, Emi Lenox & Rich Tommaso

Batman: The Knight

by (author) Chip Zdarsky
illustrated by Carmine Di GIandomenico

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