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Aliens Among Us

Invasive Animals and Plants in British Columbia

by (author) Alex Van Tol
illustrated by Mike Deas

It's Catching

The Infectious World of Germs and Microbes

by (author) Jennifer Gardy
illustrated by Josh Holinaty

Going Up!

Elisha Otis's Trip to the Top

by (author) Monica Kulling
illustrated by David Parkins

Starting from Scratch

What You Should Know about Food and Cooking

by (author) Sarah Elton
illustrated by Jeff Kulak

The Human World

by (author) Jon Richards
illustrated by Ed Simkins

Be a Wilderness Detective

by (author) Peggy Kochanoff

You Are Stardust

by (author) Elin Kelsey
illustrated by Soyeon Kim


The Most Awesome Question and Answer Book about Nature, Animals, People, Places—and You!

by (author) Catherine Ripley
illustrated by Scot Ritchie

I Wonder Why Planes Have Wings

And Other Questions About Transportation

by (author) Christopher Maynard

Case Files

40 Murders and Mysteries Solved by Science

by (author) Larry Verstraete

My Stretchy Body

by (author) Liza Fromer & Francine Gerstein
illustrated by Joe Weissmann


Inventions Inspired by Nature

by (author) Dora Lee
illustrated by Margot Thompson

Motion, Magnets and More

by (author) Adrienne Mason
illustrated by Claudia Dávila

Chemistry Around the House

by (author) Erin Knight

Medicine Cabinet Chemistry

by (author) Jon Eben Field

Environmental Chemistry

by (author) Rachel Eagen

Body Care Chemistry

by (author) Rachel Eagen

Kitchen Chemistry

by (author) Jon Eben Field

Cleaning Chemistry

by (author) Jon Eben Field

Baby animals in ocean habitats

by (author) Bobbie Kalman

Baby animals in wetland habitats

by (author) Bobbie Kalman

Baby animals in grassland habitats

by (author) Bobbie Kalman

Baby animals in mountain habitats

by (author) Bobbie Kalman

Baby animals in forest habitats

by (author) Bobbie Kalman

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