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Habitat Clashes

by (author) Anne-Marie Rodger

Animals on the Outskirts

by (author) Ellen Rodger

Backyard Dwellers

by (author) Ellen Rodger


by (author) Jeanne Painchaud
by (photographer) Bruno Ricca

Home Sweet Neighborhood

Transforming Cities One Block at a Time

by (author) Michelle Mulder

Places in the Community

English Edition

by (author) Inhabit Education
illustrated by Amiel Sandland

My Community

Inuktitut Edition

by (author) Inhabit Education

City Bugs

by (author) Antonia Banyard

Walking in the City with Jane

A Story of Jane Jacobs

by (author) Susan Hughes
illustrated by Valérie Boivin

Way Downtown, The

Adventures in Public Transit

by (author) Inna Gertsberg
illustrated by Mike Lowery

Les emplois dans les villes canadiennes

by (author) Diane Bailey

Les emplois dans les banlieues canadiennes

by (author) Todd Kortemeier

Les emplois dans les petites municipalit's canadiennes

by (author) Samantha S. Bell

Jobs in Canadian Cities

by (author) Diane Bailey

Jobs in Small Town Canada

by (author) Samantha S. Bell

Jobs in Suburban Canada

by (author) Todd Kortemeier

Look Where We Live!

A First Book of Community Building

illustrated by Scot Ritchie

The Human World

by (author) Jon Richards
illustrated by Ed Simkins

My Town

A Little World for You to Build

created by Delphine Doreau
translated by Sarah Quinn

City Critters

Wildlife in the Urban Jungle

by (author) Nicholas Read

Life in a Residential City

by (author) Helene Boudreau

Life in a Commercial City

by (author) Trudee Romanek

Life in an Industrial City

by (author) Lizann Flatt

Life in a Suburban City

by (author) Lizann Flatt

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