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Nobel's Women of Peace

by (author) Michelle Benjamin & Maggie Mooney

Factory Girl

by (author) Barbara Greenwood

Four Pictures by Emily Carr

by (author) Nicolas Debon

Kids Book of Great Canadian Women, The

by (author) Elizabeth MacLeod
illustrated by John Mantha

Remarkable Women Writers

by (author) Heather Ball

Incredible Women Inventors

by (author) Sandra Braun

June Callwood

A Life of Action

by (author) Anne Dublin


Deal with it body and soul

by (author) Diane Peters
illustrated by Steven Murray

She Dared

True Stories of Heroines, Scoundrels, and Renegades

by (author) Ed Butts
illustrated by Heather Collins

When Grownups Play At War

A Child's Memoir

by (author) Ilona Flutsztejn-Gruda
translated by Sarah Cummins

Catherine Parr Traill

Backwoods Pioneer

by (author) Carol Martin

Spectacular Women In Space

by (author) Sonia Gueldenpfennig

Girls' Talk

Young Women Speak Their Hearts and Minds

by (author) Maria Pallotta-Chiarolli
by (photographer) David Hancock

Super Women in Science

by (author) Kelly Di Domenico

Colonial Women

by (author) Niki Walker

Changes In You & Me

A Book About Puberty Mostly For Girls

by (author) Paulette Bourgeois & Martin Wolfish Dr.
illustrated by Louise Phillips

Super Women in Science

by (author) Kelly DiDomenico

Women of the West

by (author) Bobbie Kalman & Jane Lewis


by (author) Bobbie Kalman & Tammy Everts

19th Century Girls and Women

by (author) Bobbie Kalman

Changing the Pattern

The Story of Emily Stowe

by (author) Sydell Waxman

Nicola’s Floating Home

by (author) Bobbie Kalman

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