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by (author) Christine D.U. Chung & Salwa Majoka

The DATA Set Ten-Book Collection (Boxed Set)

March of the Mini Beasts; Don't Disturb the Dinosaurs; The Sky Is Falling; Robots Rule the School; A Case of the Clones; Invasion of the Insects; Out of Remote Control; Down the Brain Drain; S.O.S. from Outer Space; The Revenge of Dr. von Naysayer

by (author) Ada Hopper
illustrated by Sam Ricks, Graham Ross & Rafael Kirschner

The Great Outer Dark

by (author) David Neil Lee

Gnome Is Where Your Heart Is

by (author) Casey Lyall

Mission to Mars

Teen Astronauts #3

by (author) Eric Walters

Meet Frank

illustrated by Mavis Lui

When I Was Your Age

illustrated by Danette Byatt

Luz Lucero, nina astronauta

by (author) Zaida Hernandez
illustrated by Karla Monterrosa

Boldly Go

Teen Astronauts #2

by (author) Eric Walters


Rat Race to Space

by (author) Joan Marie Galat

Burt's Way Home

by (author) John Martz


A Novel

by (author) Kenneth Oppel

Guardians of Porthaven

by (author) Shane Arbuthnott

Houston, Is There A Problem?

Teen Astronauts #1

by (author) Eric Walters

Alien Road

by (author) M.J. McIsaac

Alien Road

by (author) M.J. McIsaac


by (author) Tara Lazar
illustrated by Mike Boldt

The Medusa Deep

by (author) David Neil Lee

Les timbrés : N° 4 - Les traces du Bigfoot

illustrated by Dom Pelletier

Are You a Cheeseburger?

illustrated by Monica Arnaldo

The Rock from the Sky (Canadian Edition)

illustrated by Jon Klassen

Cold Falling White

by (author) G.S. Prendergast

Cave Paintings

by (author) Jairo Buitrago
illustrated by Rafael Yockteng
translated by Elisa Amado


A Novel

by (author) Kenneth Oppel

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