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"Do you want Mrs. Pringle gone forever, her reputation tarnished? She'd never get another job if she's charged with theft. She'll end up with no money, no house, stuffing old newspapers into her boots to keep her feet warm in the winter!" Robyn's voice rose. She sniffed.
I rolled my eyes. "Robyn, get a grip! No one's talking about a crime, here."
"How did you know? Maybe someone took that book and tried to sell it," Robyn retorted.
"And how would a person sell something like that, Robyn? A garage sale?" I shook my head.

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Teaching Mrs. Muddle

“Look, kids! It’s the phys. Ed teacher, Mr. Blue,” said Mrs. Muddle. “You mean Mr. Brown,” he said and gave us high-fives. Before we could play tag, we had to learn the gym rules. Everyone followed them, except for Mrs. Muddle. We stopped our game to help her clean up. “Thanks, Mr. Black,” she said. “Where to next, Kayla?”

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Grandmother School

Grandmother School

illustrated by Ellen Rooney
read by Kirstie Hudson
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