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Browse Books in Poetry (see Also Stories In Verse)

Call Me Al

by (author) Wali Shah & Eric Walters

This Is a Tiny Fragile Snake

by (author) Nicholas Ruddock
illustrated by Ashley Barron

Pigs Can’t Fly

illustrated by Wallace Edwards

If You Want to Be a Butterfly

by (author) Muon Thi Van
illustrated by Andrea Armstrong

Robot, Unicorn, Queen

by (author) Shannon Bramer
illustrated by Irene Luxbacher

J’ai vu un cochon voler

illustrated by Wallace Edwards

Imagine a Garden

Stories of Courage Changing the World

by (author) Rina Singh
illustrated by Hoda Hadadi

Hans Christian Andersen Lives Next Door

by (author) Cary Fagan
illustrated by Chelsea O'Byrne

The Animals Come Out

by (author) Susan Vande Griek
illustrated by Josée Bisaillon

The Dancing Letters

text by Evelyne Fournier
illustrated by Aurélien Galvan
translated by Carine Laforest

We Love You as Much as the Fox Loves Its Tail

by (author) Masiana Kelly
illustrated by Tamara Campeau

Sandy Toes: A Summer Adventure (A Let's Play Outside! Book)

by (author) Shauntay Grant
illustrated by Candice Bradley

When Sunlight Tiptoes

by (author) Gillian Sze
illustrated by Soyeon Kim

Rainy Days

by (author) Deborah Kerbel
illustrated by Miki Sato

The Sniger and the Floose

by (author) Ashley Fayth
illustrated by Katie Brosnan

Más aventuras en Avonlea (Edición Ilustrada) / Anne of Avonlea (Ilustrated Editi on)

by (author) Lucy Maud Montgomery
illustrated by Maria Llovet
adapted by A.N.A.I.S.A.B.E.L. SÁNCHEZ

Welcome, Dark

by (author) Charis St. Pierre
illustrated by Rachel Wada

Where the Crooked Lighthouse Shines

by (author) Joshua Goudie & Craig Goudie

God's Garden

by (author) Frank Boylan
illustrated by Sally Garland

Charlotte Diamond's Animal Friends

A Collection of Songs

by (author) Charlotte Diamond
illustrated by Eunji Jung

Mère(s) et monde

by (author) Sanita Fejzic & Alisa Arsenault

Sunny Days

by (author) Deborah Kerbel
illustrated by Miki Sato

Sing in the Spring!

by (author) Sheree Fitch
illustrated by Deb Plestid

Welcome to the Cypher

by (author) Khodi Dill
illustrated by Awuradwoa Afful

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