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Browse Books in Legends, Myths, Fables

The Egyptian Mirror

by (author) Michael Bedard

Genie Meanie

by (author) Mahtab Narsimhan
illustrated by Michelle Simpson

i? siwɬkw nkwancinəm k'əl suli? / The Water Sings to Suli?

by (author) Harron Hall
illustrated by Shianna Allison

skɬp'lk'mitkw / Water Changeling

by (author) Harron Hall
illustrated by Phyllis Isaac


Selected Children's Literature

by (author) P.K. Page
edited by Margaret Steffler

How Jack Lost Time

by (author) Stéphanie Lapointe
illustrated by Delphie Côté-Lacroix
translated by Arielle Aaronson

Once Upon an Hour

by (author) Ann Yu-Kyung Choi
illustrated by Soyeon Kim

Bana-phrionnsa a' Phoca Phaipeir

by (author) Robert Munsch
illustrated by Michael Martchenko
translated by Mòrag Anna NicNèill

The Barren Grounds

The Misewa Saga, Book One

by (author) David A. Robertson


Ghost Stories from Old Newfoundland

by (author) Charis Cotter
illustrated by Genevieve Simms

Monsters 101

by (author) Cale Atkinson

Haunted Hospital

by (author) Marty Chan

The Sasquatch, the Fire and the Cedar Baskets

by (author) Joseph Dandurand
illustrated by Simon Daniel James

The Book of Selkie

A Paper Doll Book

by (author) Briana Corr Scott

The Book of Selkie

A Paper Doll Book

by (artist) Briana Corr Scott

Mi'kmaq Campfire Stories of Prince Edward Island

by (author) Julie Pellissier-Lush
illustrated by Laurie Ann Marie Martin

Kaakuluk: Greenland Sharks!

Greenland Sharks!

edited by Inhabit Media

Golden Threads

by (author) Suzanne Del Rizzo
illustrated by Miki Sato

Wings of Olympus: The Colt of the Clouds

by (author) Kallie George
illustrated by Celia Krampien

Have You Ever Zeen a Ziz?

by (author) Linda Elovitz Marshall
illustrated by Kyle Reed

Kaakuluk: Wolverine!


edited by Inhabit Media

Usha and the Stolen Sun

by (author) Bree Galbraith
illustrated by Josée Bisaillon

Les voyages de Picou avec Marco Polo

by (author) Nancy Harris

Swallow's Dance

by (author) Wendy Orr

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