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Ispík kákí péyakoyak/When We Were Alone

by (author) David A. Robertson
illustrated by Julie Flett
translated by Alderick Leask


by (author) Glen Huser


by (author) Shauntay Grant
illustrated by Eva Campbell


L’Ujima au Quotidien

illustrated by Miriam Körner
by (author) Alix Lwanga

Una Huna?: What Is This?

by (author) Susan Aglukark
illustrated by Danny Christopher & Amiel Sandland

The Amazing Time Travel Adventures of the Iron Crow Brothers and Bree Sainte Marie

by (author) Rob Lennard

Pisim Finds Her Miskanaw

by (author) William Dumas
illustrated by Leonard Paul

When Heaven Smiled On Our World

by (author) Tamara Thiebaux

Until Niagara Falls

by (author) Jennifer Maruno

Room for One More

by (author) Monique Polak

Harvey Comes Home

by (author) Colleen Nelson
illustrated by Tara Anderson

Stormy Passage

by (author) Kate Merlin

The Art Room

Drawing and Painting with Emily Carr

by (author) Susan Vande Griek
illustrated by Pascal Milelli

The Lookout Tree

A Family's Escape from the Acadian Deportation

by (author) Diane Carmel Leger

The Madman of Piney Woods (Scholastic Gold)

by (author) Christopher Paul Curtis


by (author) Melinda McCracken
with Penelope Jackson

Jacques' Escape

by (author) Anne C. Kelly

City on Strike

by (author) Harriet Zaidman

Trial by Winter

Crisis in the Barr Colony

by (author) Anne Patton

The Eleventh Hour

by (author) Jacques Goldstyn

Connect the Scotts

The Dead Kid Detective Agency #4

by (author) Evan Munday

Isobel's Stanley Cup

by (author) Kristin Butcher

The Log Driver's Waltz

by (author) Wade Hemsworth
illustrated by Jennifer Phelan

Bright Shining Moment

by (author) Deb Loughead

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