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Browse Books in Ghost Stories

A Wee Boo

by (author) Jessica Boyd
illustrated by Brooke Kerrigan


by (author) Kenneth Oppel

Why Are You Still Here?

A Lillian Mystery

by (author) Lynda Partridge & Dave Nicholson

Double O Stephen and the Ghostly Realm

by (author) Angela Ahn

Boo! Hiss!

illustrated by Cyndi Marko

Sir Simon: Super Scarer

by (author) Cale Atkinson

Ghosts are People Too

illustrated by Peter Ricq

Legends of Funland

by (author) Melanie Florence

An Old Man's Winter Night

by (author) Tom Dawe
illustrated by Veselina Tomova

Footsteps in Bay de Verde

by (author) Charis Cotter
illustrated by Jenny Dwyer

The Sister Who Ate Her Brothers

And Other Gruesome Tales

by (author) Jen Campbell
illustrated by Adam de Souza

The Bridge of Whispers

by (author) Kristin Butcher

Stink and the Shark Sleepover

by (author) Megan McDonald
illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds

The Little Ghost Who Was a Quilt

by (author) Riel Nason
illustrated by Byron Eggenschwiler


Ghost Stories from Old Newfoundland

by (author) Charis Cotter
illustrated by Genevieve Simms

Haunted Hospital

by (author) Marty Chan

An Old Man’s Winter Night

Ghostly Tales

narrator Tom Dawe

The House at the End of the Road

by (author) Kari Rust

The Ghost Collector

by (author) Allison Mills

Haunted: Field of Screams

by (author) Joel A. Sutherland

The Ghost Road

by (author) Charis Cotter

Haunted: Night of the Living Dolls

by (author) Joel A. Sutherland
illustrated by Mark Savona

The Painting

by (author) Charis Cotter

Separated (7 Prequels)

by (author) Shane Peacock

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