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The Mole, The Mouse, and the Magnificent, Moss-Covered House

by (author) Stirling C.
illustrated by Donna Washington

Milly the Mouse and Morton the Mole

illustrated by Donna Washington

Hamsters on the Go

by (author) Kass Reich

Turn Off That Light!

by (author) John Crossingham
illustrated by Steve Wilson

Sydney & Simon: Go Green!

by (author) Paul A. Reynolds
illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds

Up Hamster, Down Hamster

by (author) Kass Reich

The Stowaways

by (author) Meghan Marentette
illustrated by Dean Griffiths

Gerbil, Uncurled

by (author) Alison Hughes
illustrated by Suzanne Del Rizzo

Mr. Postmouse's Rounds

illustrated by Marianne Dubuc

The Misadventures of Sweetie Pie

by (author) Chris Van Allsburg


by (author) Remy Simard
illustrated by Pierre Pratt
translated by Shelley Tanaka

Sydney & Simon: Full Steam Ahead!

by (author) Paul Reynolds
illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds


Starring the Vole Brothers

by (author) Roslyn Schwartz

This Little Hamster

by (author) Kass Reich

Miss Mousie's Blind Date

by (author) Tim Beiser
illustrated by Rachel Berman

Tooth Mouse, The

by (author) Susan Hood
illustrated by Janice Nadeau

Fiddles and Spoons

Journey of an Acadian Mouse

by (author) Lila Hope-Simpson
illustrated by Doretta Groenendyk

Hamsters Holding Hands

by (author) Kass Reich

Around the Year with the Malagawatch Mice

by (author) Caroline Stellings

Lilly Traps the Bullies

by (author) Brenda Bellingham
illustrated by Clarke MacDonald

The Vole Brothers

illustrated by Roslyn Schwartz

The Mouse Who Saved Egypt

by (author) Karim Alrawi
illustrated by Bee Willey

In My Patch

by (author) Sara Gillingham
illustrated by Lorena Siminovich

Lulu's Pajamas

by (author) Lucie Papineau
illustrated by Stephane Jorisch

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