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The Bee

by (author) Becky Han & Tindur Peturs

It Fell from the Sky

illustrated by Terry Fan & Eric Fan

Stink and the Hairy Scary Spider

by (author) Megan McDonald
illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds

Stink and the Hairy, Scary Spider

by (author) Megan McDonald
illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds

What Does a Caterpillar Do?

by (author) David McArthur
illustrated by Lucy Rogers

Alice and Gert

An Ant and Grasshopper Story

by (author) Helaine Becker
illustrated by Dena Seiferling

The Bug Collector

illustrated by Alex G. Griffiths

Iggy's World

by (author) Gail Anderson-Dargatz

Fables réinventées : La cigale et la fourmi

illustrated by Dominique Pelletier

Memory Match: In the Garden

A Lift-the-Flap Book

adapted by Anne Paradis
illustrated by Bangson Books

The Broken Bees' Nest

by (author) Lydia Lukidis
illustrated by Andre Ceolin

Will Ladybug Hug?

by (author) Hilary Leung

The Tiny Hero of Ferny Creek Library

by (author) Linda Bailey
illustrated by Victoria Jamieson

Sophie Trophy

by (author) Eileen Holland

La petite bibitte


by (author) Jay Dale
text by Tanjah Karvonen


by (author) JonArno Lawson
illustrated by Josée Bisaillon

I Don't Like Bugs!

by (author) Edgar Danny Desjarlais
translated by William Sanderson
illustrated by Kimberly McKay


by (author) Robert Munsch
illustrated by Jay Odjick

Vilains maringouins!

by (author) Robert Munsch
illustrated by Jay Odjick

Du Iz Tak?

illustrated by Carson Ellis

Happy Mosquito

English Edition

by (author) Nadia Sammurtok
illustrated by Luke Coleman

Teensy Weensy Spider

L'araignee Riquiqui

by (author) Mary M. Cushnie-Mansour
illustrated by K.A.T.E. PELLERIN
prepared for publication by CAVERN OF DREAMS PUBLISHING
cover design or artwork by Terry Davis

Bug in a Vacuum

by (author) Mélanie Watt

Fly away beautiful butterfly !

Envole-toi beau papillon !

by (author) Diane Bergeron

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