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Harvesting Labour

Tobacco and the Global Making of Canada's Agricultural Workforce

by (author) Edward Dunsworth

Smelter Wars

A Rebellious Red Trade Union Fights for Its Life in Wartime Western Canada

by (author) Ron Verzuh

A Match to a Blasty Bough

How FFAW-Unifor confronted power and shared the wealth

by (author) Earle McCurdy

Class Action

How Ontario’s Elementary Teachers Became a Political Force

by (author) Andy Hanson

In a New Light

Histories of Women and Energy

edited by Abigail Harrison Moore & R.W. Sandwell

Canada, A Working History

by (author) Jason Russell

Working in the Context of Austerity

Challenges and Struggles

edited by Donna Baines & Ian Cunningham

The Canadian Labour Movement

A Short History

by (author) Craig Heron
with Charles Smith

Winnipeg 1919

The Strikers' Own History of the General Strike

by (author) The Winnipeg Defence Committee
introduction by Christo Aivalis
edited by Norman Penner

A New Kind of Union

Unifor and the birth of the modern Canadian union

by (author) Fred Wilson

Labour and Employment Law 9/e

Cases, Materials, and Commentary

by (author) Labour Law Casebook Group
contributions by Pnina Alon-Shenker, Bruce Archibald, Kevin Banks, Tim Bartkiw, Stephanie Bernstein, Adelle Blackett, Bruce Curran, Gillian Demeyere, David Doorey, Brian Etherington, Brian Langille, Michael Lynk, Michael Mac Neil, Ravi Malhotra, Sarah Marsden, Claire Mummé, Kerry Rittich, Supriya Routh, Sara Slinn & Gilles Trudeau

On the Line

A History of the British Columbia Labour Movement

by (author) Rod Mickleburgh

The 100-Year Life

Living and Working in an Age of Longevity

by (author) Lynda Gratton & Andrew Scott
read by Mark Meadows

Work and Labour in Canada, Third Edition

Critical Issues

by (author) Andrew Jackson & Mark P. Thomas

The Failure of Global Capitalism

From Cape Breton to Colombia and Beyond

by (author) Terry Gibbs & Leech Garry

Working in the Woods

A History of Logging on the West Coast

by (author) Ken Drushka

A Class Act

An Illustrated History of the Labour Movement in Newfoundland and Labrador

by (author) William Gillespie

Made in the USA

The Rise and Retreat of American Manufacturing

by (author) Vaclav Smil

Faster, Cheaper, Better

Starting and Operating a Business in the Trades

by (author) Jack Borden

Labor Economics, second edition

by (author) Pierre Cahuc, Stephane Carcillo & Andre Zylberberg

Unions Matter

Advancing Democracy, Economic Equality, and Social Justice

edited by Matthew Behrens & The Canadian Foundation for Labour Rights (CFLR)

The Canadian Labour Movement: A Short History

Third Edition

by (author) Craig Heron


Latino Labour and the Changing Face of Forestry in the Pacific Northwest

by (author) Brinda Sarathy

Guarding the Gates

The Canadian Labour Movement and Immigration, 1872-1934

by (author) David Goutor

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