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From Malaise to Meltdown

The International Origins of Financial Folly, 1844-

by (author) Michael Lee

Educational Finance

Its Sources and Uses in the United Kingdom

by (author) Howard Glennerster, Alan T. Peacock & Robert Lavers

Wealth, Income, and Intangibles

illustrated by J.E. Sands

International Cycles and Canada's Balance of Payments 1921-33

by (author) Vernon W. Malach

Economic Planning in a Democratic Society

9th C.E.P.A. Winter Conference

edited by Timothy E.H. Reid

Towards a World of Plenty

The Falconer Lectures University of Toronto, 1963

by (author) Barbara Ward

Canada and the New International Economy

Three Essays

edited by H. Edward English
by (author) Carlton University

Wages, Prices, Profits, and Economic Policy

Proceedings of a Conference held by the Centre for Industrial Relations, University of Toronto, 1967

edited by John Crispo

Monopolies and Patents

A Study of the History and Future of the Patent Monopoly

by (author) Harold G. Fox

Inventories and the Business Cycle

by (author) Clarence Barber

Transatlantic Economic Community

Canadian Perspectives

by (author) H. Edward English

Tariff Procedures and Trade Barriers

A Study of Indirect Protection in Canada and the United States

by (author) George Elliott

Canadian-American Planning

The Seventh Annual Conference on Canadian-American Relations, 1965

created by University of Windsor

An Introduction to Political Economy

by (author) Vincent Bladen

Canadian Economic Policy and the Impact of International Capital Flows

by (author) Richard Caves & Grant Reuber

The Employment Forecast Survey

by (author) Douglas Hartle

Canadian Transportation Economics

by (author) A.W. Currie

The Protective Tariff in Canada's Development

Eight Essays on Trade and Tariff When Factors Move with Special Reference to Canadian Protectionism, 1870-1955

by (author) J.H. Dales

Essentials of Price Theory

by (author) Burton Keirstead
foreword by Harold Innis

Monetary and Fiscal Thought and Policy in Canada, 1919-1939

by (author) Irving Brecher

Practical Exporting and Importing in Canada

by (author) J.R. Arnold

Conference on Statistics 1960


edited by E.F. Beach & J.C. Weldon

Back from the Brink

Lessons from the Canadian Asset-Backed Commercial Paper Crisis

by (author) Paul Halpern, Caroline Cakebread, Christopher C. Nicholls & Poonam Puri

Economics in the Twenty-First Century

A Critical Perspective

by (author) Robert Chernomas & Ian Hudson

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