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Browse Books in Economic Conditions

Share the Wealth!

How we can tax Canada’s super-rich and create a better country for everyone

by (author) Jonathan Gauvin & Angella MacEwen

The Expendables

How the Middle Class Got Screwed By Globalization

by (author) Jeff Rubin

The Canadian Northwest

Its Potentialities

edited by Frank H. Underhill

Basic Income for Canadians

The key to a healthier, happier, more secure life for all

by (author) Evelyn L. Forget

The Age of Increasing Inequality

The Astonishing Rise of Canada's 1%

by (author) Lars Osberg

The Money Formula

Dodgy Finance, Pseudo Science, and How Mathematicians Took Over the Markets

by (author) Paul Wilmott & David Orrell
read by Gavin Osborn

Paper Money Collapse

The Folly of Elastic Money and the Coming Monetary Breakdown

by (author) Detlev S. Schlichter
read by John Lee

After '08

Social Policy and the Global Financial Crisis

edited by Stephen McBride, Rianne Mahon & Gerard W. Boychuk

In the Long Run We're All Dead

The Canadian Turn to Fiscal Restraint

by (author) Timothy Lewis

Innovation and the Social Economy

The Quebec Experience

by (author) Marie J. Bouchard

Everything Under the Sun

Toward a Brighter Future on a Small Blue Planet

by (author) David Suzuki & Ian Hanington

Hard Choices

Financial Exclusion, Fringe Banks and Poverty in Urban Canada

by (author) Jerry Buckland

Bill Gates, Pay Your Fair Share of Taxes...Like We Do!

by (author) Contributor Unavailable

Bill Gates, Pay Your Fair Share of Taxes...Like We Do!

by (author) Brigitte Alepin

North America’s Lost Decade?

The Munk Debate on the Economy

by (author) Paul Krugman, David Rosenberg, Lawrence Summers & Ian Bremmer

Birth of a Boom: Saskatchewan's Dawning Golden Age

by (author) David Breen Seymour
edited by Suzanne Paschall
designed by Jacqueline Germin

The Trouble with Billionaires

Why Too Much Money At The Top Is Bad For Everyone

by (author) Linda McQuaig & Neil Brooks

The Great Reset

How New Ways of Living and Working Drive Post-Crash Prosperity

by (author) Richard Florida

The Ethics of the New Economy

Restructuring and Beyond

edited by Leo Groarke

The Price of a Bargain

The Quest for Cheap and the Death of Globalization

by (author) Gordon Laird

Beyond the Bubble

Imagining a New Canadian Economy

by (author) James Laxer

No-Nonsense Guide to Global Finance

by (author) Peter Stalker

The Truth About Canada

Some Important, Some Astonishing, and Some Truly Appalling Things All Canadians Should Know About Our Country

by (author) Mel Hurtig

Crisis as Catalyst

Asia's Dynamic Political Economy

edited by Andrew MacIntyre, T.J. Pempel & John Ravenhill

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