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Murder, Madness and Mayhem

Twenty-Five Tales of True Crime and Dark History

by (author) Mike Browne

Victoria’s Most Haunted

Ghost Stories from BC’s Historic Capital City

read by Ian Gibbs

Disembodied Voices

True Accounts of Hidden Beings

by (author) Tim Marczenko

Eerie Edmonton

by (author) Rhonda Parrish
with Rona Anderson

Listening for the Dead Bells

by (author) Marian Bruce

In the Valleys of the Noble Beyond

In Search of the Sasquatch

by (author) John Zada

More Ghost Stories of Nova Scotia

by (author) Vernon Oickle

Sasquatch: Apes Among Us HC

the Apes Among Us

by (author) John Green

Bigfoot Sasquatch Evidence

The Anthropologist Speaks Out

by (author) Grover S. Krantz

Haunted Town Halls

From the Case Files of The Searcher Group

by (author) Peter J. Roe

Real Hauntings 5-Book Bundle

Macabre Montreal / Creepy Capital / Spooky Sudbury / Haunted Hamilton / Tomes of Terror

by (author) Mark Leslie, Jenny Jelen & Shayna Krishnasamy

Great Canadian Ghost Stories

Legendary Tales of Haunting from Coast to Coast

by (author) Barbara Smith

Macabre Montreal

Ghostly Tales, Ghastly Events, and Gruesome True Stories

by (author) Mark Leslie & Shayna Krishnasamy

Sasquatch in Alberta

Bigfoot in Wild Rose Country

by (author) Thomas Steenburg

Bigfoot Encounters in Ohio (SD)

Quest for the Grassman

by (author) Christopher Murphy & Joedy Cook

Canadian Monsters & Mythical Creatures

by (author) Andrew Hind

Ghostly Campfire Stories of Western Canada

by (author) Barbara Smith

Sasquatch: Apes Among Us

the Apes Among Us

by (author) John Green

Haunted Museums & Galleries of Canada

by (author) Andrew Hind

Haunted Museums & Galleries of Ontario

by (author) Andrew Hind

Charlie Red Star

True Reports of One of North America's Biggest UFO Sightings

by (author) Grant Cameron

Haunted Hospitals

Eerie Tales About Hospitals, Sanatoriums, and Other Institutions

by (author) Mark Leslie & Rhonda Parrish

Victoria's Most Haunted

Ghost Stories from BC's Historic Capital City

by (author) Ian Gibbs

Alien Abductions and UFO Sightings 5-Book Bundle

The Big Book of UFOs / I Saw It Too! / Abductions and Aliens / and 2 more

by (author) Chris A. Rutkowski

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