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The Book of Ancestors

A Guide to Magic, Rituals, and Your Family History

by (author) Claire Goodchild

Canadian Ghost Stories

Volume I

by (author) Barbara Smith
illustrated by Arlana Anderson-Hale
edited by Shelagh Kubish

The Book of Séances

A Guide to Divination and Speaking to Spirits

by (author) Claire Goodchild

Haunted Waters

More True Ghost Stories of Newfoundland and Labrador

by (author) Dale Jarvis

Vibes from the Other Side

Accessing Your Spirit Guides & Other Beings from the Beyond

by (author) Catharine Allan

Vancouver’s Most Haunted

Supernatural Encounters in BC's Terminal City

by (author) Ian Gibbs

Ghost Stories of Michigan

by (author) Dan Asfar
edited by Shelagh Kubish & Dawn Loewen

Ghost Stories of the Civil War

by (author) Dan Asfar & Edrick Thay
edited by Shelagh Kubish

Campfire Ghost Stories

Volume II

by (author) A.S. Mott

Ghost Stories of Indiana

by (author) Edrick Thay
edited by Shelagh Kubish
illustrated by Ian Dawe

Ghost Stories of the Appalachians

by (author) Susan Smitten

Ghost Stories of North Carolina

by (author) Edrick Thay

Ghost Stories of Washington

by (author) Barbara Smith
edited by Randy Williams

Ghost Stories of the Old West

by (author) Dan Asfar
edited by Shelagh Kubish


The Discovery of a Soul System

by (author) John Topp & Brough Perkins

Victoria’s Most Haunted

Ghost Stories from BC’s Historic Capital City

read by Ian Gibbs

Be Scared of Everything

Horror Essays

by (author) Peter Counter

Campfire Stories from Coast to Coast

by (author) Barbara Smith

Eerie Edmonton

by (author) Rhonda Parrish
with Rona Anderson

Haunted Manitoba

Ghost Stories from the Prairies

by (author) Matthew Komus

Listening for the Dead Bells

by (author) Marian Bruce

More Ghost Stories of Nova Scotia

by (author) Vernon Oickle

Where the Ghosts Are

A Guide to Nova Scotia's Spookiest Places

by (author) Steve Vernon

Ghost Stories and Legends of Prince Edward Island

by (author) Julie V. Watson
by (photographer) John C. Watson

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