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The Making of a Disability Activist

by (author) Dustin Galer
foreword by Judy Rebick


A Trip into the Mirror World

by (author) Naomi Klein

Ukrainian Portraits

Diaries from the Border

by (author) Marina Sonkina

Stolen Family

Captive in Saudi Arabia

by (author) Johanne Durocher
with Julie Roy
translated by J.C. Sutcliffe

After the Miracle

The Political Crusades of Helen Keller

by (author) Max Wallace

Eyes on the Horizon

My Journey Toward Justice

by (author) Balarama Holness

Reasonable Cause to Suspect

A Mother's Ordeal to Save Her Son from a Kurdish Prison

by (author) Sally Lane

The Right to Read

Social Justice, Literacy, and the Creation of Frontier College / The Alfred Fitzpatrick Story

by (author) James H. Morrison

A Journey of Love and Hope

The Inspirational Words of a Mi'kmaw Elder

by (author) Elder Sister Dorothy Moore
illustrated by Gerald Gloade

A Journey of Love and Hope

The Inspirational Words of a Mi’kmaw Elder

by (author) Dorothy Moore

Immoral, Indecent, and Scurrilous

The Making of an Unrepentant Sex Radical

by (author) Gerald Hannon

I Am Because We Are

An African Mother’s Fight for the Soul of a Nation

by (author) Chidiogo Akunyili-Parr

One Man in His Time...

A Memoir

by (author) Michael Audain

Confessions of an Animal Rights Terrorist

by (author) Karen Levenson

What Was Said to Me

The Life of Sti'tum'atul'wut, a Cowichan Woman

by (author) Ruby Peter & Helene Demers
foreword by Molly Peter

The Unconventional Nancy Ruth

by (author) Ramona Lumpkin

The Queer Evangelist

A Socialist Clergy's Radically Honest Tale

by (author) Cheri DiNovo
foreword by Kathleen Wynne

Man at the Airport

How social media saved my life - one Syrian's story

by (author) Hassan Al Kontar
foreword by Nuseir (Nas) Yassin

My Own Blood

A Memoir

by (author) Ashley Bristowe

Tranquility Lost

The Occupation of Tranquille and Battle for Community Care in BC

by (author) Gary Steeves

Brotherhood to Nationhood

George Manuel and the Making of the Modern Indian Movement

by (author) Peter McFarlane & Doreen Manuel

Hope in the Balance

A Newfoundland Doctor Meets a World in Crisis

by (author) Andrew Furey

The Rise of Real-Life Superheroes

and the Fall of Everything Else

by (author) Peter Nowak

Free Cyntoia

My Search for Redemption in the American Prison System

by (author) Cyntoia Brown-Long

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