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Lhu'aan Man Keyi Dan Kwanje Naatsat

Kluane Lake Country People Speak Strong

by (author) Kluane First Nation

Mind Over Matter

Hard-Won Battles on the Road to Hope

by (author) Jordin Tootoo & Stephen Brunt

The Premier and His Grandmother

Peter Lougheed, Lady Belle, and the Legacy of Métis Identity

by (author) Doris Jeanne MacKinnon

The Days of Augusta

by (author) Mary Augusta Tappage Evans
edited by Jean E. Speare
photographs by Robert Keziere

Life in Two Worlds

A Coach's Journey from the Reserve to the NHL and Back

by (author) Ted Nolan
with Meg Masters

It's All about the Land

Collected Talks and Interviews on Indigenous Resurgence

by (author) Taiaiake Alfred
edited by Ann Rogers
foreword by Pamela Palmater

It Stops Here

Standing Up for Our Lands, Our Waters, and Our People

by (author) Rueben George & Michael Simpson

Becoming a Matriarch

by (author) Helen Knott

Peace and Good Order

The Case for Indigenous Justice in Canada

by (author) Harold R. Johnson

Talking to the Story Keepers

Tales from the Chilcotin Plateau

by (author) Sage Birchwater

One Man's Journey

The Mi’kmaw Revival in Ktaqmkuk

by (author) Calvin White

The Fire Still Burns

Life In and After Residential School

by (author) Sam George
with Jill Yonit Goldberg, Liam Belson, Dylan MacPhee & Tanis Wilson

Ukrainian Scorpions

A Tale of Larceny and Greed

by (author) Ronald M. Derrickson

leave some for the birds

movements for justice

by (author) Marjorie Beaucage

Tom's Story

My 16 Year Friendship with a Homeless Man

by (author) Jo-Ann Oosterman

Saskatchewan Dirt

A Pandemic Quest for Connection

by (author) Bev Lundahl

Chefs Autochtones du Canada

edited by Denis L. Daigneault
associate editor Jean Chevrier, Jeanne Poulin & Gerald C. Gummersell


A Defiant Dene

by (author) Stephen Kakfwi

The Mi'kmaq Anthology, Volumn Two

In Celebration of the Life of Rita Joe

by (author) Theresa Meuse

E nâtamukw miyeyimuwin

Residential School Recovery Stories of the James Bay Cree, Volume 1

by (author) Ruth DyckFehderau
with James Bay Cree Storytellers

True North Rising

My fifty-year journey with the Inuit and Dene leaders who transformed Canada's North

by (author) Whit Fraser

kâ-pî-isi-kiskisiyân / The Way I Remember

by (author) Solomon Ratt

Our Homes on Indigenous Lands

Stories of My Ancestors Across Turtle Island

by (author) Mali Bain

Carrying It Forward

Essays from Kistahpinanihk

by (author) John Brady McDonald

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