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Nothing But the Truth

A Memoir

by (author) Marie Henein

Ross Mackay, The Saga of a Brilliant Criminal Lawyer

And his big losses and bigger wins in court and in life

by (author) Jack Batten


Poisoned Water, Corporate Greed, and One Lawyer's Twenty-Year Battle against DuPont

by (author) Robert Bilott

Bad Law

Rethinking Justice for a Postcolonial Canada

by (author) John Reilly

Truth Be Told

My Journey Through Life and the Law

by (author) Beverley McLachlin

Bad Medicine - Revised & Updated

A Judge’s Struggle for Justice in a First Nations Community – Revised & Updated

by (author) John Reilly

Bad Judgment – Revised & Updated

The Myths of First Nations Equality and Judicial Independence in Canada

by (author) John Reilly

Tracings of Gerald Le Dain's Life in the Law

edited by G. Blaine Baker & Richard Janda

Connecting the Dots

The Life of an Academic Lawyer

by (author) Harry W. Arthurs

Never Without Love

by (author) Mehrnaz Massoudi

Two Firsts

Bertha Wilson and Claire L’Heureux-Dubé at the Supreme Court of Canada

by (author) Constance Backhouse


Passion for Law Reform

by (author) Nancy Morrison
foreword by Stevie Cameron

The Court of Appeal for Saskatachewan

The First Hundred Years

by (author) David Mittelstadt

Claire L’Heureux-Dubé

A Life

by (author) Constance Backhouse

The Mighty Hughes

From Prairie Lawyer to Western Canada’s Moral Compass

by (author) Craig McInnes

In Search of A Better World

A Human Rights Odyssey

by (author) Payam Akhavan

Less Painful Duties

Reflections on the Revolution in the Legal Profession

by (author) C.D. Evans

Hell to Pay

The Unfolding Story of Hillary Rodham Clinton

by (author) Barbara Olson
read by Tessa Dalton


A Woman Judge's Season of Disillusion

by (author) Marie Corbett

Memoirs and Reflections

by (author) Roy McMurtry

Never Smile at a Crocodile

Confessions of a Tax Traveller

by (author) Paul DioGuardi
with Philipp DioGuardi

"At the Barricades"

A Memoir

by (author) Alan Borovoy

Changing Channels

Confessions of a Canadian Communications Lawyer

by (author) Peter Grant

Another Country, Another Life

Calumny, Love, and the Secrets of Isaac Jelfs

by (author) J. Patrick Boyer

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