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When My Ghost Sings

A Memoir of Stroke, Recovery, and Transformation

by (author) Tara Sidhoo Fraser

My Body Is Distant

A Memoir

by (author) Paige Maylott

The Definition of Beautiful

A Memoir

by (author) Charlotte Bellows


A Memoir

by (author) Elliot Page

leave some for the birds

movements for justice

by (author) Marjorie Beaucage

I Felt the End Before It Came

Memoirs of a Queer Ex-Jehovah's Witness

by (author) Daniel Allen Cox

A Tale of Two Omars

A Memoir of Family, Revolution, and Coming Out During the Arab Spring

by (author) Omar Sharif

Bloom Where You Are Planted

50 Conversations with Inspiring British Columbians

by (author) Beka Shane Denter

Scenes from the Underground

by (author) Gabriel Cholette
illustrated by Jacob Pyne
translated by E.S. Taillon

The Future Is Disabled

Prophecies, Love Notes and Mourning Songs

by (author) Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha

Making Love with the Land

by (author) Joshua Whitehead

Tegan and Sara

Modern Heartthrobs

by (author) Melody Lau

Immoral, Indecent, and Scurrilous

The Making of an Unrepentant Sex Radical

by (author) Gerald Hannon


Women, Writing, Woolf

by (author) Sina Queyras

This Has Always Been a War

The Radicalization of a Working Class Queer

by (author) Lori Fox

Burning Butch

by (author) R./.B. Mertz

Len & Cub

A Queer History

by (author) Meredith Batt & Dusty Green

Next Time There's a Pandemic

by (author) Vivek Shraya
afterword by J.R. Carpenter


Tracing the Untelling of Motherloss

by (author) Betsy Warland

Any Kind of Luck at All

A Memoir

by (author) Mary Fairhurst Breen

The Light Streamed Beneath It

A Memoir of Grief and Celebration

by (author) Shawn Hitchins

Why I Was Late

by (author) Charlie Petch

A History of My Brief Body

by (author) Billy-Ray Belcourt

Missed Connections

A Memoir in Letters Never Sent

by (author) Brian Francis

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