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Bittersweet Passage

Redress and the Japanese Canadian Experience

by (author) Maryka Omatsu

Battling the Bay

by (author) Jordan Zinovich

Port O'Call

Memories of the Portuguese White Fleet in St. John's, Newfoundland

by (author) Priscilla Doel

Cape Breton Captain

by (author) Captain David A. McLeod


A Childhood in Wartime Prague

by (author) Jan Drabek

Old Man Ontario

Leslie M. Frost

by (author) Roger Graham

Dictionary of Canadian Biography, 1891-1900

edited by Francess G. Halpenny & Jean Hamelin

Incredible Gang Ranch

by (author) Dale Alsager

Right On, You Got the Elbow Out!

Wartime Memories of the R.C.A.F.

by (author) Ernest F. Monnon & Mary Ann Monnon

A Name for Himself

A Biography of Thomas Head Raddall

by (author) Joyce Barkhouse

A Love Story of Nineteenth Century Quebec

The Diary of George Stephen Jones

edited by W. Peter Ward

A Love Story from Nineteenth Century Quebec

The Diary of George Stephen Jones

by (author) W. Peter Ward

Circumnavigating Father

by (author) Hugh Palmer

Yukoners: True Tales

True Tales of the Yukon

by (author) Harry Gordon-Cooper

Toynbee Reappraisals

edited by C.T. Mcintire & Marvin Perry

Elizabeth Posthuma Simcoe 1762-1850

A Biography

by (author) Mary Beacock Fryer

Benjamin Disraeli Letters

1842-1847, Volume IV

by (author) Benjamin Disraeli
edited by J.B. Conacher & M.G. Wiebe

The Stairway

by (author) Alice Chown
introduction by Diana Chown

Song and the Silence, The

Sitting Wind

by (author) Peter Jonker

Trapline Outlaw

by (author) David R. Williams

They Call Me Father

Memoirs of Father Nicolas Coccola

edited by Margaret Whitehead

Cariboo Gold Rush Story

by (author) Donald E. Waite


Chief of the Blackfeet

by (author) Hugh Dempsey

Gunner Jingo's Jubilee

by (author) Thomas Bland Strange & Rod Macleod

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