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Light Revealed

Light Revealed

Scratchboard Engravings by Scott McKowen
illustrated by Scott Mckowen
introduction by Peter Hinton
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Stop Making Art and Die

Stop Making Art and Die

Survival Activities for Artists
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You might not need a space but start thinking, if you had a space, where would it be?

Tower, boat, cube truck, tent, beach, space shuttle, the moon, downtown, shopping mall, church, school, old haunted house, warehouse, house, garage, friends house, parents house, travelling cart, bicycle cart, pub, bar, coffee shop, laundromat, tanning salon, library, university, TEDx, train station, bus station, bathrooms, in an old fashioned phone booth, in a shed, in an alley, in the space between two old buildings, vestibules, lobbies, hotels, office building, government building, shanty town, the country, the park, on an airplane, cruise ship, outside the grocery store, parking lots, in a castle, under a bridge, at your grandma's cottage, outside sporting events... I could go on, maybe you should go on:

See it, smell it, draw it, just start carving out an image of the space you want to be in. Forget about money and just picture the kind of lighting you want. What city is it in? What are the doors and windows like? Cut up pictures or draw, it but you have to find a way to see the space you need to be in.

…in a rocket?

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