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Governing Cities Through Regions

Canadian and European Perspectives

edited by Roger Keil, Pierre Hamel, Julie-Anne Boudreau & Stefan Kipfer

Citizen City

Vancouver’s Henriquez Partners Challenges Architects to Engage in Partnerships that Advance Cultural Sustainability

by (author) Marya Cotten Gould, Gregory Henriquez & Robert Enright

Glorious Victorian Homes

150 Years of Architectural History in British Columbia's Capital

by (author) Nick Russell

A Place in Mind

Designing Cities for the 21st Century, Revised Edition

by (author) Avi Friedman

- Historic Halifax Streetscapes

then and now, V.1 - Three walking tours

by (author) Barbara DeLory
photographs by Damian Lidgard & Francis Mitchell
edited by Anne Curry
cover design or artwork by Janet Soley
foreword by David Garrett

Architecture on Ice

A History of the Hockey Arena

by (author) Howard Shubert

Unbuilt Hamilton

by (author) Mark Osbaldeston

Arthur Erickson : Layered Landscapes

Drawings from the Canadian Architectural Archives

edited by Michelangelo Sabatino & Linda Fraser

Integrated Urban Agriculture

Precedents, Practices, Prospects

edited by Robert L. France

Essential Prefab Straw Bale Construction

The Complete Step-by-Step Guide

by (author) Chris Magwood

Essential Hempcrete Construction

The Complete Step-by-Step Guide

by (author) Chris Magwood

Guidebook to Contemporary Architecture in Montreal

Second Edition

by (author) Nancy Dunton & Helen Malkin

The Parthenon Enigma

by (author) Joan Breton Connelly
read by John Lee

The Evidence Room

by (author) Anne Bordeleau, Sascha Hastings, Robert Jan van Pelt & Donald McKay

The Dome of the Rock and its Umayyad Mosaic Inscriptions

by (author) Marcus Milwright

A Vision in Wood and Stone

The Architecture of Mount Allison University

by (author) John Leroux
by (artist) Thaddeus Holownia


Architectural Meaning after the Crisis of Modern Science

by (author) Alberto Pérez-Gómez

Peter MacCallum

Documentary Projects 2005-2015

by (author) Peter MacCallum

William Krisel's Palm Springs

The Language of Modernism

by (author) Heidi Creighton & Chris Menrad

Chora 7

Intervals in the Philosophy of Architecture

edited by Alberto Pérez-Gómez & Stephen Parcell

The Court-Garden House

by (author) Norbert Schoenauer & Stanley Seeman

Twenty + Change 04

by (author) Heather Dubbeldam

Vancouver Vanishes

Narratives of Demolition and Revival

by (author) Caroline Adderson
introduction by Michael Kluckner
by (photographer) Tracey Ayton

Tom Kundig


by (author) Tom Kundig

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