End of February Giveaway

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This is a tricky time of year in many parts of Canada. The sun is poking out but ... there's still snow. A lot of it. The ice feels malevolent. Terrible friends are going down south without us. There has never been a better time for a surprise giveaway. Here’s how it works. Kerry and I will each tell you a TINY bit about a book we’ve really enjoyed lately, but that's it. If you think it sounds good, enter our giveaway for a chance to win both books! ONLY UNTIL MIDNIGHT ON FEBRUARY 28.



The two winners of the secret book I love will receive a mystery, but not just any mystery. It’s a thriller that you actually don’t want to rush through, the writing is so brilliant at the paragraph and sentence level. It's as much about what it means to be human as it is about murder.

Hint: The book received both an Arthur Ellis Award and a Governor General’s Award. It has been translated (brilliantly) from French.



Great cities and neighbourhoods are containers for stories, just like this book is, and every one of the stories in this book is delightfully readable and well written. Reading this collection is akin to a walk through a city street, of glimpses, moments, and changing scenes—a most satisfying and delightful excursion.  

Hint: Think of a colour you are not seeing a lot of on the streets these days. We profiled this book recently right here.


February 27, 2019
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