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The Interruption With Peter Darbyshire

Sean Cranbury chats with Peter Darbyshire—aka Peter Roman—about his new spec fiction book, The Dead Hamlets.


Hi everyone! Welcome back to The Interruption, a 49th Shelf–Books on the Radio collaboration in which I interview Canadian writers about the surprising things that inform, inspire, and even interrupt their creative process.On today's episode I speak with Peter Darbyshire—aka Peter Roman—about his new book, The Dead Hamlets, published in February 2015 by Chizine Publications. Peter Darbyshire is the winner of the Re-Lit Award for Best Novel for his first book, Please.

His second literary fiction work, The Warhol Gang, was published in 2010 to critical acclaim. He writes speculative fiction under the alias Peter Roman and has published two novels in this series.We talk today about the problems with genre, the difficult confinement of literary fiction, and the freedom allowed by pseudonyms.

Peter Darbyshire lives in a safehouse outside Vancouver and can be found virtually at The Interruption always features two podcast selections for your listening enjoyment: the first podcast features my interview with Peter. The second podcast features a unique reading from The Dead Hamlets.

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