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The Interruption: Sean Cranbury Interviews Avi Silberstein

Today's The Interruption is with Avi Silberstein, author of the political thriller Human Solutions. Avi talks about basketball, babies, and how to turn rejection into anything but.


Welcome to The Interruption, a 49th Shelf–Books on the Radio collaboration in which I interview Canadian writers about the surprising things that inform, inspire, and even interrupt their creative process.

The Interruption is generously sponsored by The UBC Creative Writing Program, celebrating 50 years of excellence in creative writing. Programs include undergraduate minor and major degrees, Masters of Fine Arts in Vancouver or by distance education from anywhere in the world! For more information visit

Today, I chat with Avi Silberstein, author of Human Solutions, a 1980s-Chile-based political thriller that Carmen Aguirre calls "gripping, disturbing, darkly funny, and impossible to put down."

Avi was born in Chile, and he is a librarian in British Columbia, Canada. His short stories have appeared in publications including The New Quarterly and Grain. Human Solutions is his first novel.

The first segment is the interview, while in the second, Avi reads from Human Solutions.





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