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The Best Book Trailers We've Seen Lately

Cinematic sneak previews of a whole lot of good books. 

There is no doubt that the bar for book trailers has been raised by the trailer for Kathryn Kuitenbrouwer's All the Broken Things, created by Carol Nguyen, who is already an extraordinary filmmaker at just 15 years old. (See Kathryn's post on our blog.) 


The trailer for the YA novel Blue Gold, by Elizabeth Stewart, presents this story of three girls in the Congo, in China and in North America whose experiences are linked by the mineral coltan, contained in all cell-phones. The novel shows how each of their lives are forever changed as a result. 


The sepia tone of Serafim and Claire, by Mark Lavorato, is captured in this beautiful trailer with images of 1920s' Montreal. 


This trailer for Cybele Young's Out the Window shows the playful, whimsical nature of this accordion book. It has no spoilers, but we suspect a happy ending. 


On the far side of whimsy is this trailer for The Killer Trail by D.B. Carew, about a man out of a jog who gets locked in a deadly game with a psychopath. 


The Killer Trail from OMD on Vimeo.

And speaking of suspense, in just 15 seconds, this trailer for Last Witness by Glenn Carter evokes the atmosphere which drives this novel about a woman on her deathbed with crucial information about just what happened to President Kennedy on that day in Dallas in November 1963. 


Are you ready to be hungry? Check out this video trailer for David Ort's The Canadian Craft Beer Cookbook, in which Ort describes the methods and philosophy behind his acclaimed cookbook. (See our blog for a delicious recipe from the book.)


With more on food is this delightful trailer for Alma Fullerton's picture book, Community Soup, a "Mary Had a Little Lamb"-type story set in Kenya. The trailer provides great insight into the creation of Fullerton's mixed-media collage images. 


Kids Can Press has made a trailer highlighting all of their spring books. Check out the bit on Ashley Spires' The Most Magnificent Thing:


The Most Magnificent Thing Book Trailer from Kids Can Press on Vimeo.

And if you weren't already excited for Claire Batterhill's short story collection, Circus, this trailer will probably do the trick. Lions, tigers, and bears, etc. 


Finally, not a book trailer at all, but the trailer for a new film based on the Alice Munro story, "Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Marriage", starring Kirsten Wiig. It looks really good. 


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