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Shelf Exposure, Ep. 1: Andrew Faulkner

What will we find in Andrew Faulkner's personal library? Watch and see!

Need Machine, by Andrew Faulkner (Coach House Books, 2013).

Andrew Faulkner is the author of Need Machine, his debut poetry collection from Coach House Books.

Andrew is our first guest on Shelf Exposure, a new feature at 49th Shelf.

Shelf Exposure invites writers to take a closer look at their bookshelves and to present us with a short list of titles based on a theme of their choosing.
And once we're done being thoughtful, we enter the lightning round, a chance for us to have some fun with the writers, presenting them with a list of random requests. Books with birds on the cover! Books that begin with "E!" The closest book to you! The most worn book on your shelf!

Bring out your books. Show us your goods. Expose your shelf!

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