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Book Madam's Quirky Recommended Reading Lists for #GiveCDN Host Julie Wilson and her wacky lists of recommended books for Give Canadian. (#GiveCDN)

Julie Wilson among her favourite friends. (photo credit: Jeff Kelly)

Have you read about our Give a Canadian Book promotion, inspired by this post by writer Steve Pitt that encourages Canadians to buy made-in-Canada books?

In Steve's words:

Have you noticed lately that most of the holiday gifts filling up Canadian store shelves are no longer made in Canada? Even gifts bearing the most recognizable Canadian symbols seem to come from some distant land. When Canadians buy foreign made gifts most of their money leaves the country taking jobs away from other Canadians.

One exception is Canadian books. Canadian books are written by Canadians for Canadians. Behind every Canadian writer is a Made in Canada team of editors, graphic designers, lay-out artists, publicists, printers, warehouse staff, delivery drivers and book sellers. Every year the Canadian book industry pumps hundreds of millions of dollars into the Canadian economy which creates jobs and pays taxes.

Sean Cranbury (Books on the Radio) and I (Book Madam & Associates and Seen Reading) are about to enter our third year soliciting reader recommendations for The Advent Book Blog for these very same reasons.

From the start, The 49th Shelf has been touting Canadian-made books via interviews, guest posts and our popular Recommended Reading lists submitted by Canadian authors and personalities.

Did you know as a member you, too, can create recommended reading lists? As many as you like! And unlike other recommendation machines, Canadian Bookshelf already has tens of thousands of titles fed onto our virtual bookshelf. Making a list is as easy as entering a search term and—WHEE!—down the rabbit hole you go! (Don't fight it. You want to WHEE!)


  1. Register to become a member.
  2. Go here to peruse some lists and for instructions for how to build a list of your own.

Once you've created your list, you can share it via email, Twitter and Facebook. What a lovely way to *cough* hint, hint *cough* let your loved ones know which books you'd like to receive this holiday season!

In that spirit, I thought I'd have some fun and create a few wacky lists to inspire you to do the same. Pay attention to the publishers of each book. There's an education to be had in these seemingly random selections. Meet the people who put out the books you're about to love, if you don't already! (And be sure to follow @CDNBookshelf on Twitter to join our #GiveCDN conversation!)

For the Cowboy in You: Got some swagger in your step? Like to kick up a little dust? Does the end of your perfect day involve leaning back in an old chair on a front porch to watch the setting sun? You might have a little cowboy in you!

Apples to Oranges: The many interpretations of apples and oranges.

B.Y.O.B.: Libation, anyone?

Everything You Need to Host an Indoor Fort Party: All the components for a perfect *all* ages indoor fort party. Do try this at home.

If Cats Could Read: If cats could read, they might read these books.

I'll keep adding to this list over December. Hope you'll join me!

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