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The Personal Book Shopper Contest: Update

With so much cool stuff in the mix, The Personal Book Shopper Contest will return in September. Read on for a quick update.

personal book shopper

Word's getting out about the success of our Personal Book Shopper Contest, a quirky (yet challenging) contest in which readers submit only five words to describe themselves. Three winners are then picked at random, their words sent off to a rotating panel of guest experts who attempt to match each reader with a selection of books using only those words. The results are varied, and the whole thing is just a little bit crazy, but mostly it's awesome. Each month, readers sit centre stage alongside the authors and publishers whose books make it to the final round of recommendations.

Visit The Personal Book Shopper Recommended Reading List to catch up on some of the books that have been suggested to past contest winners.

Want to make a list of your own? Register to become a member now. Browse around, while you're here.

So, what's up this month with The Personal Book Shopper Contest? We're taking a month off to give some of our team a breather during the summer holiday. (Yeah, that would be me.) But we'll see you back here in September, shinier and brighter and maybe just a little bit bloggier. What does that mean? Let's just say we've been paying attention to our early adopters and plan to partner up with some of you to bring a few readers your way in thanks for all the readers you've brought ours.

There's also one heck of a lot going on behind-the-scenes here at Canadian Bookshelf. Come Labour Day, we hope to boast 40,000 book titles on the site. Imagine starting up a bookstore and the work it takes to build and stock the shelves. We "opened for business" at about 30, 000 titles, but our metadata elves are still running up and down ladders to fill every last virtual inch of The Great Canadian Bookish Landscape. (Patent Pending.)

Until then, in the words of Casey Kasem, keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars.

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