The Personal Book Shopper Contest: July #mybookshopper

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Welcome back to The Personal Book Shopper Contest! I'm your host, Julie Wilson (@BookMadam).

Every month, we ask readers to imagine a world—walk with me—a world in which a rotating panel of librarians, booksellers, publishers and authors put on their collective thinking hats (and feeling hearts) to select three books each for three randomly-selected winners based solely on five words those readers submitted to describe themselves. You can imagine, it yields a wide variety of results, which is just how we like it!

Check out June's results to see how it all went down.

We've fired up a Facebook event for July's contest and already a few early birds have shared their words. Here's a sample: natural nomad -- greeniac -- circular rainbow; yackademic, energetic, optimistic, apoplectic, winsome mystic, goofball; tenacious, optimistic, thoughtful, good listener, sensitive.

What are your words this month? To enter:

1) Add your words to this month's Facebook event here. (Feel free to "Share" the event with your friends!)

2) Reply to @cdnbookshelf on Twitter with your five words and the hashtag #mybookshopper.

Get to it, word nerds! (She said with much affection.)

Contest closes tomorrow: Wednesday, July 20 at 2:00 p.m. ET.

This month's winners, along with our guest panel, will be revealed this Friday, July 22.

How else can you participate?

Publishers: Want to get in on this? Email me, Julie Wilson, at to be put on our growing list of publishers who would like to donate contest copies.

Booksellers, if you'd like to show your support by matching each prize with an in-store or online gift certificate, again, please be in touch with Julie at

Booksellers, librarians, readers, publishers, authors and book bloggers, if you'd like to be considered for our rotating panel of experts, you too can send an email to what's-her-name at

July 19, 2011
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