Take the Cover Shuffle Challenge


Think you know Canadian books? Well then step right up for the Canadian Bookshelf Cover Shuffle Challenge!

Cover Shuffle asks you to supply the correct titles to match the covers of 24 great Canadian books. It’s fun, possibly even a little addictive, and a great way to start exploring Canadian Bookshelf.

How it works:

Players have six minutes to enter in the correct titles for 24 different Canadian book covers. If you get stuck, you can click on the clue link next to each book cover and also use the in-game search to scour the site for the correct answers. The game is over when a player answers all 24 questions or runs out of time.

The prize:

 Bragging rights!

Play as many times as you wish and share your scores on Twitter or Facebook. A random draw will award prizes among players who register to win.

Think you know Canadian books? Well then let's get started. And challenge your friends too by sharing your score on Facebook or Twitter.

June 14, 2011
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