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The Chat with Cicely Belle Blain

This week on the Chat, we’re in conversation with Cicely Belle Blain, author of the forthcoming poetry collection Burning Sugar (VS. Books/Arsenal …

Launchpad: Murmurations, by Annick MacAskill

by Kerry Clare

Populating her poems with birdsong and murmurings of the natural world, MacAskill highlights how poets and lovers share much with birders on the twitch, …

Launchpad: the broken boat, by Daniela Elza

by Kerry Clare

"The poems, fractured and musical on the page, are at once stark and complex, surreal and familiar. There is a vertiginous sense of unsteady balance, …

Launchpad: Glass Float, by Jane Munro

by Kerry Clare

"Like glass floats themselves, these neat, clear poems contain Munro's breath. They cross oceans."—Ian Williams

Launchpad: The World is Mostly Sky, by Sarah Ens

by Kerry Care

"Whether she’s writing of girlhood or womanhood, of the prairies or the city, Ens’ vivid, forceful language fully engages and challenges her readers."— …

Launchpad: Devolution, by Kim Goldberg

by Kerry Clare

"Kim Goldberg is a climate-voyant, offering visions of time-warped ecologies and malignantly inverted processes of nature." —Sonnet L'Abbé

Launchpad: Sweet Water, by Yvonne Blomer

by Kerry Clare

"Stop. Slow down. Suspend time. Let your soul come to rest in this haunting book as you take a quiet journey to a watershed that someone cherishes." —Maude …

Launchpad: The Outer Wards, by Sadiqa de Meijer

by Kerry Clare

"A voice of authority and grace." —Michael Crummey

Launchpad: Endlings, by Joanna Lilley

by Kerry Clare

"A frightening reminder that Nature is our Mother and source of life." —David Suzuki

Launchpad: Beloved Revolutionary Sweetheart, by Beatriz Hausner

by Kerry Clare

"Elegant, thirsty and visionary poems, echoing with song." —Tamara Faith Berger

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