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Gifts by Jo Ellen Bogart and Barbara Reid: The 2011 TD Grade One Giveaway

This book belongs to... 500,000 grade one students across Canada

What's Your (Son's) Canadian bookshelf, Margaret Eaton?

My child is growing up in a world where he has far more access to Canadian cultural content than I ever did. So much so that he can actually take it for …

In Conversation With: Liz Bugg on the Personal and Public Performance of a Writer

Liz Bugg (Red Rover) chats with Host Julie Wilson about trading in a guitar for a pen.

Digitizing Mona: Guest Post by Maria Meindl

The long process of digitizing Mona Gould, poet, broadcaster, and the grandmother Maria Meindl thought she knew.

Indebtedness: A List by Jared Bland

Writers, like all artists, are eternally in debt: to the books they borrow from, to the readers who support them, to the colleagues who inspire them, …

Our Coast-to-Coast Guide to Word on the Street 2011

With its tagline, "Celebrating Reading, Advocating Literacy," WOTS is a chance for Canadians to learn about and support local literacy causes, as well …

Put a Bird On It

Bird books, it turns out, aren't so rare after all, but we think they're kind of lovely.

Rebecca Rosenblum and Mark Sampson on loving an author, and the momentous highs (and moronic lows) of the writer's life.

Authors Rebecca Rosenblum and Mark Sampson discuss their living (and loving) relationship.

How to be a good creative writing student: Guest Post by Kevin Chong

In 2011, “Can creative writing can be taught?” is a question that’s about as relevant as “Should I own a refrigerator?”

Places and Novels: Guest Post by Peter Behrens

"I need to seed a book in a place. In my mind I plant the idea of the book in one very specific patch of ground and hope it will grow from there."

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