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Launchpad: THE BARREN GROUNDS, by David A. Robertson

by Kerry Clare

"David A. Robertson has written such a fine, beautiful novel. He manages to combine hard truths about our history with a Narnia-like fantasy, sweeping …

Launchpad: NOOPIMING, by Leanne Betasamosake Simpson

by Kerry Clare

"This is bold storytelling drawing upon a rich history to present a possible future. Simpson is generously gifting readers, Indigenous and non-Indigenous, …

Launchpad: CROSSHAIRS, by Catherine Hernandez

by Kerry Clare

"Crosshairs asks us what we will do to resist and build a better future when faced with such momentous and dangerous times." —Carrianne Leung

Launchpad: ANGEL WING SPLASH PATTERN, by Richard Van Camp

by Kerry Clare

"If your heart needs an ever-exploding series of glitter bombs, please read Angel Wing Splash Pattern. We are so proud of where this book has gone."

Launchpad: THE GHOST IN THE HOUSE, by Sara O'Leary

by Kerry Clare

"This beguiling page turner of a novel is a story for all seasons—the seasons of the year, and yes, the seasons of our lives." —Christy-Ann Conlin …

Launchpad: TIFF: A LIFE OF TIMOTHY FINDLEY, by Sherrill Grace

by Kerry Clare

"Tiff is a biography of becoming. Timothy Findley was a writer, but one who arrived at the vocation by way of the stage, a storyteller who shifted from …

Launchpad: ALL I ASK, by Eva Crocker

by Kerry Clare

"An often funny, beautifully written novel that often reminded me of a play, set in the arts community in St. John's as Stacey hustles for acting work, …

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