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The Chat with Carolyn Whitzman

by Trevor Corkum

In Clara at the Door with a Revolver: The Scandalous Black Suspect, the Exemplary White Son, and the Murder That Shocked Toronto, Carolyn Whitzman explores …

Whose Stories Does History Tell?

by Sheila Murray

A recommended reading list by Sheila Murray (author of Finding Edward) who is appearing at the Winnipeg International Writers Festival's THIN AIR this …

Stay Where I Can See You: The List

by Katrina Onstad

"I had this idea for a book about a mother and daughter at that moment where they split apart..."

In for the Duration: Books About the Long Haul

by Maria Meindl

"What if I saw The Work as a historical novel? Maybe it’s not set far enough in the past to count as historical, but maybe it could still be durational …

Walk on Over: 8 Books about Walking and Place

by Tanis MacDonald

A recommended reading list by celebrated writer Tanis MacDonald, whose latest book is Mobile.

13 books

2018 Heritage Toronto Awards

list by Kerry Clare

Document 9781443431446_resource.pdf

A Chat Roundtable With the Editors of Any Other Way: How Toronto Got Queer

Published by Coach House, Any Other Way draws on a range of voices to explore how the residents of queer Toronto have shaped and reshaped one of the world’s …

In the Lion's Den: Being Black in Canada

An excerpt from B. Denham Jolly's new memoir, In the Black

City Books and Too Much on the Inside

Danila Botha on the books that inspired her to write about life in the city in her new novel, Too Much on the Inside.

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