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16 Novels to Pack in Your Bag

by Kerry Clare

Historical fiction, dark comedy, detective fiction, a thriller, heartrending drama, and more.

Most Anticipated: Our Spring 2022 Fiction Preview

by 49thShelf Staff

Mark your calendars! Here's the fiction you're going to fall in love with in 2022!

Exciting Fiction to Read This Spring

by Kerry Clare

New books by Camilla Gibb, Marissa Stapley, Wayne Grady, Uzma Jalaluddin, and more! Sme of the novels and short fiction collections we're really excited …

9 Canadian Writers Who Run with the Night

by Beth Follett

A recommended reading list by the founder and publisher of Pedlar Press, whose new novel is Instructor.

2020 Fiction: Books of the Year

by 49thShelf Staff

These are the books that rose to the occasion of this most peculiar moment and helped us to escape for a while and to see the world a little more clearly …

12 books

Middle Grade Marvels

list by Kerry Clare

Launchpad: The Heart Beats In Secret, by Katie Munnik

by Kerry Clare

A novel that explores the wilderness of the heart, the secrets concealed with every beat and the many ways it is possible to be a mother.

Launchpad: Watershed, by Doreen Vanderstoop

by Kerry Clare

"Riveting . . . Watershed is the best kind of futuristic fiction, the kind that becomes grass-roots reality as we read." —Wayne Grady

Launchpad: The Wild Heavens, by Sarah Louise Butler

by Kerry Clare

The Wild Heavens is wonderfully crafted—each page is a catch of the breath, each chapter a crush of unfolding magic. This novel is why we read. …

Launchpad: The Ballad of Samuel Hewitt, by Nick Tooke

by Kerry Clare

An uncommon coming-of-age story as well as a thoughtful examination of the meaning of home and family.

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