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Struggling Through Pandemonium

by Donna Morrissey

Donna Morrissey's legions of fans have been drawn for years to her novels, including Sylvanus Now and Kit's Law. Her latest book is Pluck, "A memoir of …

8 Books that Explore Memory and Place

by Fawn Parker

A recommended reading list by the author of the new novel DUMB-SHOW.


Genre-Bending Memoirs

by Rowan McCandless

A recommended reading list by Rowan McCandless (author of Persephone’s Children) who is appearing at the Winnipeg International Writers Festival's …

16 Indigenous Reads: A List from Kobo

by Kobo

This post originally appeared on the Kobo blog and is presented here with permission. To check out the audiobook versions of the books, head over to Kobo! …

On Telling the Truth in Politics

by Cheri Divnovo

An excerpt from new memoir The Queer Evangelist, Cheri DiNovo's story of her life as a queer minister, politician and staunch activist for LGBTQ rights. …

How Does a Woman Become a Writer?

by Linda Leith

"The writers who interest me most, always, are women who write about themselves in ways that a male writer never could."

Poetry Feels Like Memory to Me

by Ash Winters

"Something of the intensity of feeling, sparseness of narrative and intricacy of images in poetry feels like memory itself to me."

No Longer a Footnote: Extraordinary Lives

by Lauren McKeon

History is too often told through the texture of men’s lives. In recent years, the rise of women’s biography and memoir has sought to rectify that, …

Persian-Canadian Writers You've Got to Read

by Hollay Ghadery

So, where were all the Persian Canadian writers? It turns out, here all along, but not as represented as one might hope; as they deserve to be.

12 Books for International Women's Day

by Kerry Clare

Can you hear them now? If you can't, you're not listening. Recent memoirs and biographies about remarkable women would make great picks for International …

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