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They Can’t All Be Sad

by Kelly S. Thompson

A recommended reading list by celebrated author of new memoir Still, I Cannot Save You.

Struggling Through Pandemonium

by Donna Morrissey

Donna Morrissey's legions of fans have been drawn for years to her novels, including Sylvanus Now and Kit's Law. Her latest book is Pluck, "A memoir of …

Books to Inspire

by Lindsay Ruck

The following recommended reading list features books that have inspired me to push harder, to dream bigger, and most importantly, to love myself entirely …

Dazzling Memoirs

by Marjorie Simmins

Marjorie Simmins, author of MEMOIR: CONVERSATIONS AND CRAFT, recommends her dream lineup of memoirs.

A Taster: Spring 2021 Nonfiction Preview

by 49th Shelf Staff

Life stories, family, baseball, and retreat. These highlight the nonfiction we're most looking forward to this spring. 

Launchpad: TIFF: A LIFE OF TIMOTHY FINDLEY, by Sherrill Grace

by Kerry Clare

"Tiff is a biography of becoming. Timothy Findley was a writer, but one who arrived at the vocation by way of the stage, a storyteller who shifted from …

Fierce: The Secret Life of Miss Freeman

An excerpt from new book Fierce: Women Who Shaped Canada. 

Radical Acts: An Interview with Andrea Warner

Buffy Sainte-Marie's official biographer on her experiences telling the story of a music legend. 

10 books

New and Notable Memoirs in Fall 2018

list by Kiley Turner

11 Life Stories To Read This Spring

This assortment of memoir, biography, and autobiography brings real life to the page, and into the minds of readers. 

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