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International Women's Day Posts

12 Books for International Women's Day

by Kerry Clare

Can you hear them now? If you can't, you're not listening. Recent memoirs and biographies about remarkable women would make great picks for International …

Lives of Girls and Women

by Kerry Clare

22 books to celebrate for International Women's Day.

Role Models for—Everyone!

by Helaine Becker

"And please don’t say these books are good for “girls.” Girls already KNOW what we can do. It’s everyone elsewho needs to be clonked over the head …

Fierce: The Secret Life of Miss Freeman

An excerpt from new book Fierce: Women Who Shaped Canada. 

Ten Books to Pick Up on International Women's Day

Today and all days, we celebrate books by Canadian women and their remarkable stories.

One Hundred Years of Struggle: The History of Women and the Vote in Canada

"Creating a feeling for justice, for alternative lives, for sisterhood, was no less important for feminists in the past."

Reading to Smash the Patriarchy

Erin Wunker on books to breathe life into your heart on your most tired days.

16 books

Women Who Ruled Canadian History

list by Kerry Clare

Read the 30 Women Who Ruled Canadian History

Canada's History magazine created a fantastic of list of great Canadian women; we've made a reading list to go alongside it. 

Angela Sterritt: The Legacy of Violence Against Indigenous Women in Canada

For many Indigenous people, the vicious slaying of Tina Fontaine was just one more tragedy among the close to 1200 women documented as murdered or missing …

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