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The Chat with GGs Literature Award Winner Michelle Good

The Chat with GGs Literature Award Winner Michelle Good

By Trevor Corkum

Today we are pleased to kick off our special coverage of the 2020 Governor General's Award winners (English-language) wi …

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Book Cover Cattail Skyline

The World Up Close

By Joanne Epp

A recommended reading list by author of new book CATTAIL SKYLINE on paying close attention to the small and particular.

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Book Cover What's In It For Me

The Keepers on My Bookshelf

By LS Stone

Depth and humour are themes in this great recommended reading list by the author of the new middle grade novel What's in …

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Book Cover the Girl from Dream City

How Does a Woman Become a Writer?

By Linda Leith

"The writers who interest me most, always, are women who write about themselves in ways that a male writer never could." …

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Book Cover Big Reader

11 Essay Collections to Revisit Now

By Susan Olding

"The bestselling novel of a decade ago will sometimes seem stale or irrelevant today, but that’s rarely true of an ess …

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The Chat Special Coverage: Griffin Poetry Prize Roundtable 2021

The Chat Special Coverage: Griffin Poetry Prize Roundtable 2021

By Trevor Corkum

We’re so pleased to be partnering once again with our friends at the Griffin Poetry Prize to profile this year’s thr …

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Book Cover Run Riot

Poetry Feels Like Memory to Me

By Ash Winters

"Something of the intensity of feeling, sparseness of narrative and intricacy of images in poetry feels like memory itse …

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Book Cover Lost Immunity

Tackling the Big Themes

By Daniel Kalla

"I am drawn to fiction writers who highlight vital social and scientific themes through their novels. And fortunately, t …

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Book Cover The List of Last Chances

On the Road Again: Literary Road Trips

By Christina Myers

"I’m still fascinated by the possibilities that road trips present and perpetually curious about the unique and divers …

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Book Cover Maggie's Chopsticks

Note From a Children's Librarian: Stories for Asian Heritage Month

By Julie Booker

Great picture books celebrating Asian heritage.

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Notes From a Children's Librarian: Money Money Money

Our Children's Librarian columnist, Julie Booker, brings us a new view from the stacks every month.


Financial literacy is part of the new math curriculum for grades 4–6. But why not start even sooner, as young as kindergarten? The concepts of saving, spending, earning, and donating are familiar to all ages. The complexities of budgeting, payment methods, taxes, and interest rates are found in books mentioned near the end of this list.


Cinders McLeod has written a series for readers as young as four. “It’s never too early to teach your little bunny about money,” the afterword tells us. Her loveable bunny characters (often with simple “carrot” charts to demonstrate basic mathematical notions) will appeal to students from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 1. Sometimes math stories can feel like the plot is secondary, propping up a teaching concept, but these tales are completely satisfying. The series includes the following four titles:

In Give it!, Chummy’s grandma gives him some birthday carrots. He wants to spend them on a superhero cape to save the world. Grandma tells him there’s another way to help the world… planting flowers for the bees. He comes up with three different plans for his carrots and ends up doing more for the world than for hims …

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