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Earth Day Posts

Notes From a Children’s Librarian: Keep Earth Day Going

by Julie Booker

This smorgasbord of books provoke thoughtful conversations about the Earth.

The Man, The Legend: Eco-hero and Greenpeace Co-founder Bob Hunter

by Captain Paul Watson

An excerpt from new book Mr. Mindbomb: Eco-hero and Greenpeace Co-founder Bob Hunter — A Life in Stories.

Notes From a Children's Librarian: In Conversation with Nature

by Julie Booker

In reading, we talk about making connections. We talk about big ideas or themes. Conversations with the natural world are the thread that binds this book …

Notes from a Children's Librarian: Life Sciences

by Julie Booker

Celebrate Earth Day with these fun and inspiring picture books.

Launchpad: Music for Tigers, by Michelle Kadarusman

by Kerry Clare

"A middle-grade book that reads like a love letter to the unique flora and fauna of the Tasmanian Tarkine." —Booklist

Launchpad: Endlings, by Joanna Lilley

by Kerry Clare

"A frightening reminder that Nature is our Mother and source of life." —David Suzuki

Launchpad: A Forest in the City, by Andrea Curtis

by Kerry Clare

Imagine a city draped in green!

Reading Beyond Earth Day

by Kerry Clare

Happy Earth Day! These books celebrate nature and the wonders of the world around us, underlining why it matters so much that we take care of what we've …

15 books

New Earth Day Books for Kids: Spring 2019

list by Kerry Clare

8 Wide-Ranging Poetry Books from Alberta

Alice Major recommends poetry landscapes you'll want to explore.

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